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We are the glass and glazing experts. With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and installing double glazed units, glass beams, and glass extensions, we have earned the reputation as a leading glass company in the UK.

If you are looking for quality glass extensions from a renowned, respected and professional company, get in touch with us today.


Building glass structures for the home has become more and more sought after as homeowners are becoming more aware of the full benefits it can achieve. No longer are these cutting edge structures for commercial use only, they work perfectly for the home too.

Glass structures bring vast amounts more light into the home, making it airier and bright all day. Many people comment that it's like 'bringing the outside in' or 'like living outdoors'. It's a modern and more alluring twist on the traditional conservatory.

Glass Structures Limited specialise in the design and construction of “pure glass” rooms, structures and extensions. Because of the clean lines, contemporary feel and transparent nature of the designs they can be styled to fit and sit comfortably with every type of home and building, ranging from a mid-terrace Victorian cottage to a modern mansion.


Many customers who come to us are looking to improve their home rather than take up the expense of moving house. They don’t want a standard extension that lacks the wow factor - they want something different, something which will stand out from the crowd. A glass structure fits the bill perfectly.

Glass roofing is another upward trend at the moment. Imagine looking at the stars in the night sky from the warmth and comfort of your own home! Glass can also be used in smaller but still equally eye-catching projects such as glass flooring, balustrades and even glass staircases.

We also offer glass structures for businesses who want something that is a little different to entice their customers in. Shop fronts look clean and 'on trend' in frameless glass. As we can create custom glazed structures let us know if you are looking for something a bit quirkier - we can help and advise.

Glass Structures Limited have a combined experience of over 100 years in the glazing and structural bonding industry through working closely with Europe’s leading glass and structural mastic manufacturers.

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