Learn about glass extensions and the ideas of using them to design your home or office. Read the article and find out what features glass extensions, roofs, walls, and doors have apart from looking beautiful.

If you are looking for modern yet practical solutions to design your house nicely, then you have come to the right page. Glass and brick extensions have become very popular and you can see them now decorating contemporary buildings all over the world. Structural glass is widely used in commercial and residential buildings making them attractive.

Glass links are versatile installations that connect different parts of buildings. Commercial and residential glass walls allow to make the building to look lighter, spacious and contemporary. Glass is a material that goes well together with any material, for example, concrete or brick. This is why you can get inspired by the exterior and interior designs on pictures displayed on the Internet.

How much are glass walls? This is the most common question that we hear from our customers. However, the price depends on many aspects. There are various types of structural glazing to choose from and perfectly fit your house:

  • laminated safety glass
  • single glazing
  • double glazing
  • frameless systems
  • shock-resistant glazing

Depending on the customers’ budget and requirements, we assist in choosing the type of glazing. You should never worry about the lever of safety that glass provides. We deliver exceptionally safe, secure and quality glass as well as install it following all requirements.

What are the Benefits of a Structural Glass Extension?

Structural glass links create much space and look stylish. Glass allows natural light to come through the walls or roof making your house lighter and more spacious. Apart from being visually attractive, structural glass doors, walls and roof will provide energy-efficient features. When the sunlight enters buildings, it helps to save electricity since you won’t have to put so much light on. Also, you won’t have to put the air conditioner on to cool down your place and hearing to warm it up. Modern glass roof extensions allow you to save much money, enjoy natural light and avoid using air conditioners and radiators as much as you used to.

So, we have prepared a list of benefits that you can enjoy by getting glass rear extensions installed in your house:

  • delivering natural light
  • keeping your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • beautiful visually

How Much Does a Glass Structural Glass Extension Cost?

Luckily, structural glass cost is not that high as you can think. The cost of glass rooms extensions depends on their size and type. You should first choose the design of the glass construction that you would like to see in your house and consult a professional designer. We would be happy to advise on the type and size of the glass extension that would suit your house. With us, you will be able to choose a glass extension that meets your budget expectations.

Different glass extensions costs mean different bespoke ideas. There is no set price that we can name. However, we will provide you with some good ideas for meeting your price range. If you have a large budget, you can review complex structures.

Exterior glass walls cost will depend on:

  • the width and height
  • number of supporting points
  • the thickness of the material
  • backup construction

For example, glass roof extensions cost may vary. There are different shapes and sizes of the roof. Most customers choose tempered (toughened) type of glass because it guarantees safety. Also, a lot of customers purchase laminated glass which stays shattered in case of breakage.

You will be able to discuss all the small details in the early stages of designing a glass extension. This is why you won’t be surprised by a “too high” price. Still, if you want to know the approximate cost of glass extensions, contact us and ask: “How much do glass walls cost?”. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you to make your dream of owning a perfect house come true.

Will a Structural Glass Extension Suit my Home or Office?

You can notice that more and more budding that get built are made of glass. The number of commercial glass buildings grows really fast. You can spot different shapes of glass panels that create unique and beautifully designed towers in cities all over the world. Structural glass wall systems go well with brick and concrete. Contemporary glass extensions will not only add much space but will add much sunlight to your house. This property of glass only will make your home or office look better.

You may wonder: how thick are glass walls? Are they strong enough to withstand strong winds, storms, and even falling elements? Glass walls may not look very thick however they are made from top-quality glass that has energy-efficient features. In addition, when glass walls, roof or doors are installed by experts, you should have no worries about the level of security. For example, shock resistant glazing has a silicone joint sealant that securely fixes the glass in the frame. Such methods of securing glass allow the owners of houses have no worries during explosions, earthquakes, storms, etc.


Glass extensions to houses are cutting g edge solutions to create a house of your dream. Glass can turn an old brick house into a contemporary building that will attract light and make your time spent at home enjoyable. Adding space and light with glass panels is really easy. You can have

We offer a vast choice of ideas to make you fall in love with your home. We offer house extensions glass roof and walls from the kitchen to the dining area, modern conservatories, gyms, and sunrooms where you will enjoy spending your free time regardless of the season, temperature and weather.

With a fair glass box extensions cost, most property owners can afford to design their houses without having to deal with major construction works. Building glass walls is not the same as building a house. This process includes several steps: taking measurements, framing, and installing. Once you are interested in adding a glass wall to the existing building and link it with another, we will tell you everything about the process and deadlines.