If you looking for a unique, affordable, and stylish solution to decorate your house, look into the glass. Glass extensions are the perfect additions to the existing building that adds space, light, and grace to a house. Learn more about them in the article.

How To Build The Perfect Glass Extension?

Glass extensions are modern design solutions that allow house owners to create more space in their homes without using traditional materials. Glass box extensions are used as conservatories, office rooms, or gyms. If you look at modern designs, you will see glass extensions frequently: they are stylish, contemporary and can improve the interior and exterior design of your home.

Many property owners worry about glass room extensions features: they wonder whether they are safe, durable, long-lasting, and can bring the temperature down in summer and keep heat in winter.

Glass Extensions Ideas

If you are planning to use glass, these are some of the ideas about how you can use a new glass room:

Home Office

Getting a glass room built in your home as an office us one of the good and affordable solutions.  Almost 70% of people work from using devices, constructing spacious, stylish, and light offices inside your houses becomes incredibly popular. Working from such a room will motivate you since there will be sunlight, great views, and colors. If you get a glass office built in your house with a view of the garden, you will find it easier to focus and knot get stresses.


Glass extension kitchen is one of the most common requests. Home owners love the idea of having large, spacious, and bright kitchens with plenty of natural light and views on nature. If you love cooking for your big family and spend much time in the kitchen, you will enjoy the new design. It will inspire you and help you to save on electricity since natural light will be enough.


Bespoke design panels made of top-quality glass are widely used in roofs only since you don’t want your neighbors to see what is going on in your bedroom. However, if your house is isolated, you can get transparent walls built in your bedroom. Still, a glass roof is an ideal solutions for those property owners who want to be connected to nature and wake up with the first sun rays.

Living Room

If your kitchen and living room are located on the ground floor, why not construct glass walls around. If you have always been dreaming of living in a modern house, like those that they show on TV, then you should certainly complete such a project in your home. GSL Company’s experts will suggest you looking through the best projects completed and get inspired by some of the ideas. If you have your own unique design that you would like to be done, we will be happy to make your dream come true.


We can create a perfect space in your house with a view of garden. Glass extension to house is a perfect place to sunbathe, keep your flowers and relax alone, with your family members and your guests. You can choose the size of the glass conservatory depending on what furninute you want to place there and how spacious you want it to be.

Glass extensions cost depends on size, thickness, width, and height. Our experts will be able to give you more information on prices.

How To Build a Beautiful and Safe Glass Extension?

A perfect glass construction should be absolutely safe. This is why it’s very important to entrust working on the projects to professionals. GSL Company provides designing and constructing glass extensions all over the UK. You should also consider the cost of such a construction. Don’t go for the cheapest offers. We are ready to give you approximate glass box extensions cost on request.

Modern glass extensions add style to old and traditional homes made of brick and wood. However, they need to be built safely. If your new glass extension is a part of your kitchen, conservatory, gym of office, then it’s best to place all furniture in the center of the room, since placing furniture against the glass walls can damage them. GSL Company’s experts will be happy to provide you more information and recommendations on how to design and decorate glass extensions to make them look not only stylish but be practical.

To build a perfect glass extension, keep in mind the following:

  • build an extension on the sunny side to keep it warm in winter
  • use frameless glass panels: the will make your property to look especially attractive
  • place furniture in the center of the room
  • use plain colors like beige or gray, this will make your house look modern and stylish
  • use wooden flooring in glass extension, it will help to keep heat or consider underfloor heating

The experts of GSL Company will be happy to assist you in choose glass extension size, design, and help to make your house look great from inside and outside.


GSL Company is a reliable supplier of glass. Apart from designing glass construction, we install them. To find out glass room extensions cost, contact our company and get the information provided by our managers. The glass extensions costs that we offer are fair and competitive. Hopefully, through this article, you have learned lot of useful information on extensions and how they can benefit your house. If you want to keep up with modern design solutions, choose glass. This material is easy to look after and you will unlikely want it to be replaced by a brick wall ever again.

Entrust professionals if you want to enjoy the end result. We are one of the leading and recognized companies in the UK, we cooperate with big brands and we have a big database of customers who are satisfied by our work and dedications to their requirements.