Learn about different types of glass that are widely used in commercial and residential projects. Learn how glass can be used in your project. Entrust professionals to help you implement your visual dream into a reality.

How To Choose The Right Glass Product for You Project

Glass Solutions are favorite for contemporary buildings. On the streets of your city, you can see more and modern glass buildings. They look spectacular, don’t they? If you are thinking of using glass in your project, then you should certainly research this topic. You can’t just buy any glass and use it to build a glass room in your house. There are different types of glass. It comes at different prices and has different properties.

It’s really amazing that glass and its aesthetics can coincide with functionality and efficiency.  But if you don’t want to be disappointed with the glass

project and lose money that you invest in a beautifully designed project, then you must choose top-quality glass that meets all requirements. There are various types of glass used in construction, therefore, you need to know what type of glass you need to buy and use. It’s very important to get professional advance and cooperate with experts in this area since glass is not the cheapest material and if chosen without much consideration can lead to unpleasant consequences.

You may not believe how fantastic a project can be that includes standard glass panel sizes. When used by experienced and creative architects.

Types of Glass

Glass is a widely used practical application in modern buildings. It’s a transparent solid material that is used for various architectural ideas. However, there are many types of glass that can be used in commercial and residential projects. So, we would like to tell you more about common types of glass so you can understand the difference and choose the exact type of glass that you need for your unique project.

  • Laminated/Tempered

What’s tempered glass? Tempered glass is one of the most common types of building glass that breaks into blunt pieces in case of an accident. Most houses and office owners choose this type of glass since it provides extra security. Such glass is not only used in the side windows and windshield of cars but in sliding glass doors but as large glass window panels and glass walls in residential and commercial buildings. Tempered glass door panels can be used to create sliding doors, shower walls, whole extensions for residential buildings or a link between two buildings. The cost of tempered glass windows is usually higher than other types due to its excellent properties.

  • Float

The following type of glass is made of sodium silicate and calcium silicate. Large glass window panels made of float glass are very clear and cause glare. Usually, float glass is used for shop fronts. Depending on customers’ needs, it can be cut to a certain shape.

  • Monolithic Glass

What is a monolithic glass? This type of glass consists of a single sheet of glass. Such type of glass in construction offers a good level of strength, an insulating feature, and a decent level of safety. However, if you are looking for more security and better energy-efficient features, it’s best to choose double glazing. Also, such glass doesn’t protect much from noise. If you are looking for a glazing solution that would keep noise away, go for laminated type.

If you need professional advice, we will be happy to help you choose between tempered, monolithic or a different type of glass used for building that you want to live or work in.

How will your glazing affect lighting?

Buildings experienced a significant amount of heat gain or loss through windows. It affects the thermal comfort of your stay indoor. Smart Glazing Solutions allow us to save energy but still get a lot of natural light regardless of the season. Glazing is a very important aspect of the window. Glazing allows saving on electricity bills since you won’t have to use so much light.  The glass used in architecture provides excellent energy-efficient properties. Apart from not needing so much light, you won’t have to use the air conditioner and radiators as much as you used to.

Window glazing has a positive effect on energy and daylighting performances of commercial and residential buildings. The light that is entering a building doesn’t only illuminates an interior space but warms it up. Therefore, you won’t have to use an air conditioner or radiators that dry up the air and can cause eye, nose, throat and skin irritation. As you can see, using glass in residential and commercial projects is not only visually attractive but has a positive effect on health.

Have you considered safety?

When you decide to start working on your project that includes glass panes, you need to be very careful. Even though tempered or laminated glass doesn’t break into small sharp pieces, you need to be very careful. This material is heavy especially if you use architectural glass panels for creating a glass box, extension, installing doors and windows. To choose the right type o0f material and complete the project successfully, you should cooperate with professionals. GlassStructuresLimited company employs qualified, experienced and talented architects to help you do all works with minimum risks and achieving the best results.

Now you know so much more information about types of glass, how different types of glass can be used and what properties various types of glass have. If you have a dream to use glass in order to make your house or office look lighter, spacious and unique, then reach us and tell us “I would like my glass projects to be done by you”. Our team will be pleased to make your dream come into reality.

Glass and construction today go hand in hand, therefore, you can notice how quickly the number of glass buildings grows. Get inspired by big projects and implement some of the ideas into your own project. We will be happy to assist you and make your visual dream a reality. To find out how much your project will cost, we will have to take into account the glass wall dimension, the number of panes, their width and height. Only after understanding how much glass your perfect project needs and what type of glass you prefer, we will be able to name the price.

If you think that the cost of tempered glass windows is high for construction, there are also good reasons for choosing this type. Once investing in windows or doors made of tempered glass, you won’t have to replace them for up to 30 years. The same with quality glass flooring. Glass floor panels cost is not low but once invested into laminated glass flooring, you will be able to enjoy such projects for decades and if you choose to sell your property one day, it will bring you a great profit.