Learn about glass staircases and how they can decorate your house. GSL Company believes that a beautiful staircase glass can make space well organized and add value to your house.

What Staircase are and How They Make Space Well Organized and Modern

Glass staircases are some of the most popular elements of modern buildings. Staircases made of glass are widely used not only in commercial buildings but residential. A glass staircase is safe and durable if constructed from good safety glass panels. They look absolutely amazing because they add a stylish touch to any house and make it look spacious.

A staircase made of glass panels is a great solution for those house owners who are sick and tired of wooden dark staircases that make rooms look dark. Traditional staircases often “steal” light and create shades. However, with a contemporary glass staircase, the light will travel through the house and make it look wider, lighter, and modern.

Since a staircase takes a prominent position in the house and it’s used frequently, choosing the right design is a very important step. A staircase can be installed in a glass extension which is a modern design idea. However, we can install a glass staircase in a hallway, or another room in your house. What we try to do it combine our knowledge and expertise with your requirements.

Custom Staircase Designs With Glass

Straight and curved glass staircase railing can be used for private projects even though you can see such staircases in commercial buildings such as contemporary offices and shopping centers. St our website, you can see the images of completed projects and get inspired by some of the designs. However, we can create a unique staircase that will perfectly suit the interior design of your house.

Glass staircase balustrade is a great choice for those house owners who desire more space and light on their homes. A combination of glass stairs and glass balustrades will create a sleek look in any house. It’s also a great choice for classic homes: a combination of traditional and contemporary is what makes a home cozy.

How Safe is Glass Staircase?

Nowadays, installing a glass staircase in someone’s house is not a problem. Modern technologies allow creating a safe, durable, and beautiful glass staircase without any risk. GSL Company uses special architectural glass which is chemically treated, tempered, and laminated. It’s easy for us to get the required strength to hold the weight of the glass staircase itself as well as the people walking on it.

GSL Company uses glass staircase panels made of safety glass that guarantee a high level of safety. We can design panels of the width that you want and guarantee the whole construction safety. Glass staircase balustrades are functional as well as a piece of art. They are irreplaceable parts of modern architecture and add value to residential buildings.

We use safe, thick, and durable glass panels for staircases in order to guarantee the highest level of safety for you and your family. We create staircase glass panels from tempered laminated glass. It’s the safest glass that withstands heavyweight. First, glass gets tempered so it’s durable and doesn’t break easily. Lamination adds more safety. We create such panels that if they break, there will be no sharp edges and dangerous splinters.

What is the Process of Installing Glass Staircase?

There are 6 steps that have to be taken in order to install a perfect and safe staircase in your home:

  • Meet our experts – we will discuss your design ideas and offer our ideas to meet your requirements. We are offering to discuss as many staircase designs glass ideas as needed in order for you to choose the best one that you will feel happy about
  • Conducting a survey – one of the most important steps in conducting a survey: our experts should first inspect the area to plan a hassle-free installation of a construction
  • Drawings – to allow our customers to understand how a future staircase with balustrade and railing will look, we should provide drawings and make correction until you approve it
  • Constructing a staircase – now we are ready to move on to the most interesting part: creating glass panels for a staircase, as well as railings and a balustrade. We combine modern and traditional technologies and use materials of the highest quality
  • Installation – once your custom staircase is created, we are ready to install it. Apart from taking care of the correct and safe installation of a staircase we also take care of your home while working
  • Aftercare – the last step of cooperation is instructing you on how to care for your new and fine staircase as well as providing a guarantee that you will be satisfied with

What is the Cost of a Glass Staircase

A single straight design starts from approximately two thousand pounds. The cost of the construction with balustrade and railing depends on the materials, width, style, and size. There are many elements that are included in the process of creating a staircase. Depending on your ideas and preferences, the cost of a staircase can vary. This is why it’s best to consult our professionals, share your ideas, and calculate the cost of such a project.


With the help of modern design solutions, it’s easy to turn your house into a piece of art. Glass is the best material for adding style to any house. If you are thinking of ways to change the look of your house and add light, we would recommend using glass elements.

GSL Company is willing to assist you in choosing the design of the staircase, consulting on the materials, and giving advice on looking after glass elements in your house. Let professional and talented designers create an architectural delight that you are going to enjoy for decades.

A staircase glass will never come out of fashion. Even if you decide to change the color of walls, flooring, or furniture, glass is a material that matches everything. It’s a smart investment that you will and happy about once you see it constructed in your house. Please review the staircase design glass images on the website and pick some that you like the most. We would be happy to make your dream come true.