When deciding to purchase a good new window, it’s all about making the right choice. You want your new window to look nice, suit your interior and exterior design but most importantly, it has to be well-performing. Nowadays, a lot of buyers have to deal with a dilemma which is called: “Double Glazing or Triple Glazing?”

We understand that deciding on what window to purchase is not the easiest task. If you don’t know much about double and triple glazing windows properties, choosing the right one can be complicated. The majority of customers understand that the triple glazing has three panels, therefore, it’s more secure, guarantees to keep heat in for longer and obviously costs more. But do you really need a triple glazed window?

Most modern customers go for doubles glazing, however, there are some buyers who choose triple glazed windows only. What is the difference? Do you really need to consider purchasing a triple glazed window? We will try to answer your questions in this article.

Double Glazed Windows

This type of window is so much more popular than triple glazed windows. We call double glazed windows a “most common” choice since the majority of flat and house owners choose them. Such windows look pretty plus they provide good energy-efficient properties. They also bring the noise down that comes from the street which is beneficial if you live not far from the hectic road.

Such windows have been on the market for a really long time. You can buy them in the shop yourself or order online providing the required size. Double glazed windows are a great choice for winter since they keep warmth in.

Triple Glazed Windows 

When it comes to triple glazed windows, not many people know what is so special about them. Not many customers choose them simply because they haven’t heard about their existence. Most apartments and houses owners shop for insulated windows without discovering other options.

What is the difference between these two types? Triple glazed windows come with three glass panes. Special argon gas gets filled between glass panes which increases the effectiveness of the whole construction. Argon gas allows sunlight to come through the panels but it doesn’t allow heat to escape. Obviously, there is more argon gas in triple glazed windows, therefore, they keep flats and houses warmer in winter. It works similar in summer but in this case, the glass panes and filled gas between them don’t allow a cool temperature to escape your house.

Which Option Is Better For Your Home? 

If taking into account all the provided information, triple glazed windows are better. Their price is higher but they have more benefits. The second type of windows will allow you to keep warmer in winter without spending the same sum of money on using radiators or air conditioners to heat up your place.

Triple glazing is stronger and more secure. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind to pay more considering long-run benefits, then the second option is definitely better.

The use of just one additional glass panel and a layer of argon gas make a big difference. Even though you will have to pay a higher price on buying triple glazing windows, you will save money in the future. Flats and house owners get frustrated paying high electricity bills every single winter not counting those wet, cold and windy days during late autumn and early spring.

Triple glazing is the ideal choice for people who dream of having a warm house and keep noise away. If you are having traditional wood single-pane windows, then you are going to see and feel a huge difference. Your flat or house will turn into a warm, quiet and cozy place which you will enjoy a lot.

So if you wanted to know whether triple glazing makes sense of they were just marketing, now you know the truth. Triple glazed windows become more and more popular since winter all over the world becomes longer and colder. If you don’t want to spend a big part of your income on electricity bill every single year, then investing in triple glazing is a smart choice.

Are There Downsides Of Triple Glazed Windows? 

After reading all the pros you must think: “Are there any downsides of buying triple glazing windows?” There are some. But not a lot. They are slightly more expensive. But they will help you to save money on the electricity bills and feel warmer during the next 15-20 years. The second downside is a heavier frame. It’s obvious that triple glazing is heavier. To make sure that your existing walls can take the weight of the new windows, it’s important to invite professional technicians. Finally, triple glazed windows have to be installed taking into account all risks. In the case of poor installation, their effectiveness can be compromised and your money wasted.


Triple glazing costs about 20% more but now you know all the benefits. If you are looking for ideas to increase your comfort level, save money on the utility bill, reduce noise from the outside and bring the risk of condensation down, triple glazed windows are just perfect.

Actually, we forgot to mention one more benefit which can play a big role. Triple glazing will certainly increase the value of your house or flat. Nowadays, property buyers pay a lot of attention to the house or flat performance rather than their looks. If you are planning to sell your house or flat one day, be sure that triple glazed windows will increase the price and attract more customers.