Glass Balustrade is a modern and stylish construction made from the glass that adds a nice touch to residential or commercial interior or exterior design. Balustrades make rooms in the house or offices in commercial buildings look bigger and brighter. They look elegant and suit most interior design styles. In our window glass company, we hire only the best workmen who make customers dream a reality installing balustrades, windows, and doors that decorate and amaze.

Glass balustrades are not only beautiful and stylish. They are functional, safe and with their help, it’s easy to make the room look wider and brighter. Such glass constructions can be used on decks and patios, or for staircases in and outside of the home. There are different types of balustrades: frameless, stainless steel, aluminum. We are using top-quality materials and cooperate with famous manufacturers that provide us with exceptionally durable and secure materials. This ensures the best end result. Those balustrades that we install for our customers look perfect, they are totally safe and long-lasting.

Step 1 – The Process of Preparing the Staircase

A lot of our customers ask how to install glass balustrade and how long it takes. Installation of balustrade requires a precise work since the construction has to be safe, durable and last for years. Finding professional technicians is a must. Our workmen have a big experience in installing different types of balustrades from stainless steel and aluminum.

After listening to your wishes and requirements to how the future balustrade should look, we will provide you with a complete survey. We take accurate measurements and start working on the construction. You will be provided with a series of drawings of designs to suit your house style and your personal requirements. Once you have settled on a design, we supply you a new balustrade and provide a full installation service.

Step 2 – The Process of Preparing the Railing

GlassStructuresLimited company provides high-end glass balustrade supply and install which is much more effective, safer and can be done quicker than if you decide to do it yourself. Once the staircase is prepared, our technicians will prepare the hand railing of the balustrade. After you provide the details and tell us your wishes how long a balustrade should be. Our workmen will make sure that the railing is the appropriate length for your needs. Our workmen may need to cut the railing to certain lengths to make sure that it fits perfectly. We have all the necessary equipment to cut steel railing without damaging it.

Step 3 – Installing Steel Railing

When we start working on such a project, we have all hardware that is needed for installation of the balustrade. If you want to know how to install a glass balustrade yourself, you should buy all the necessary equipment including hacksaw, screws, a wrench, and tools for taking measurements. Our professional workmen will entail mounting the support brackets for the rail to a wall. We guarantee secure installation so you can lean on the railing and feel how durable it is. After this, we will only have to install framing and glass panels.

Step 4 – Installation of Framing

The finishing step that our technicians will work on is securely directing the framework into the flooring or the stairs. Both the top and bottom of the frame should match up, otherwise, the whole constructions can be unsafe and shaky.


How much to install glass balustrade for the house or office? Our friendly managers will help you to choose the type and design of balustrade, its length and height to select the best construction possible to suit your interior or exterior design. Tell us how you imagine your ideal balustrade should look and the rest we will do for you. Contact us today to discuss the project, the budget and we will be happy to start working on the short notice.