Read our glass guide and find tips on choosing glass for implementing your visual idea into a reality. Entrust professionals and get a glass room constructed in your house. We will guide you on prices, ways to build glass rooms.

Guide to choosing Glass rooms – make the right choice?

Have you been always dreaming of having a glass room in your house from where you would enjoy the views and get much sunlight? We can help you to make your dream come true. GlassStructuresLimited company completes unique projects that involve glass. We believe that glass is the best material to work with because it allows creating mind-blowing constructions.

You may wonder: what glass is much suitable for? We use glass for windows, doors, roofs, extensions, walls and whole rooms. Thick, safe and durable glass panes create amazing constructions when in the hands of creative architects. Glassrooms have become extremely popular among house owners from all over the world. In the UK, you can spot some amazing projects: a beautifully designed all glass room connected to brick or wooden residential buildings. A sour website, you will be able to see photos of projects that we successfully completed.

You can build your own veranda, temporary conservatory or an office room made of glass. Having a glass room in your house will not only make it look stylish but add value and reduce the electricity bill. If you think that residential and commercial building owners choose glass because it’s visually nice, then we are willing to tell you about many more benefits to rooms made of glass.

Why choose a Glassroom?

Glazing solutions seem the most popular. Glass is not only used in shopping malls and business centers but residential buildings. Glass has excellent energy-efficient features, it doesn’t change share, the mold can’t grow on its surface and of course, glass is elegant. There are many advantages to building a glass room in your house:

  • adding good value
  • allowing more sunlight to your house/office
  • saving on electricity
  • having secure protection from temperatures, wind, rain, and snow
  • easy maintenance

All the above-listed benefits are what make so many residential and commercial buildings owners choose glass instead of concrete. A modern glass room is an indoor-outdoor hybrid space. You need to understand that glass rooms are used all-year-round. You will be able to enjoy spending your time in such a room regardless of the season and weather. Even though the majority of house owners want glass rooms to bring the sun inside they still enjoy relaxing in their glass rooms during rain or show fall.

By reading our glass guide UK, you can understand that a glass room is not just a decoration of the house but a room where you can choose to have your bedroom, kitchen, dining area, veranda, gym or office. We implement bespoke projects of glass roofs, glass rooms and doors helping you to live in the house of your dream.

You can choose to have framed or frameless glass, tempered or double glazing. We would be happy to assist you in designing your own glass rooms, choosing the right shape and size for practical use.

Shapes, Sizes, and Fixing

Most glassrooms in the UK have roofs that slope downwards away from the fixing wall. Such roofs are the most common and they look pretty. If you also like such a design, GlassStructuresLimited will be happy to build a glass roof of such a shape. However, you are free to select the design that suits your taste and order it. By using aluminum construction, pretty any shape of the roof can be achieved.

Depending on your visual ideas and requirements, we will do our best to meet your expectations. We do warm glass UK to nicely design buildings. When building a glass roof, the architects take into consideration existing guttering, pipework, and chimneys and work around them. A glass room with a glass roof can be built between the existing structures, around corners, or onto one existing wall.

How are glass room fixed? Usually, a room made of glass panes gets fixed to the back wall of the building. We use an aluminum plate to link a glass pane with the wall. For this, we need to make sure that the wall is stable so the whole construction is durable and safe. The supports of glass rooms are usually placed on sturdy bases or tiles not on soil because the earth can slightly move which will doubt the security of your perfect classroom. Concrete bases are used at locations with weathering or erosion. Contemporary yet safe conservatory decking ideas require raising the glass room onto a sturdy surface and adding a degree of weather protection.

Glass guide and requirements for constructing classrooms in residential and commercial buildings have to be met in order to ensure the highest level of safety.

Pricing and Ordering

Reach GlassStructuresLimited and ask for a guide to my room information. We will provide you all the necessary information that is needed for building a glass room in your house. Pricing is the most common question when someone wants to have a glass room in his home. However, we can’t tell you how much does a glass room cost since everyone’s requirements are different. The cost of building a room with glass walls, roof and even flooring depending on the size, shape, framework choices, as well as a base that is required for a specific project.

Once you contact our managers, tell about your requirements and ideas, we will be able to provide you a glass guide price list. Still, our professional architect will have to look at your house, understand whether your requirements can be met fully and the planned design doesn’t compromise the safety. Apart from considering the prices of glass panes, you need to review the millboard decking price list if you don’t want glass flooring. Our glass room prices are reasonable. We have a great team of architects and engineers who care about safety first. Living in a room with glass walls and roof is a dream come true but you need to consider the security of such a room first. This is why you should entrust experts like us. We strictly follow the glass specification guide and regulations in the UK to implement bespoke ideas into reality but never compromising the quality.