What is a glass roof and how practical is it? Learn about contemporary design ideas and why having a glass roof in your house is a winning idea. GSL Company will help you to live in the house of your dream.

What You Need to Know About Glass Roofs

Glass is a modern material that is widely used in commercial and residential projects. Glass looks elegant and suits almost all interior and exterior design ideas. This material is perfect for building durable and beautiful roofs in residential buildings. You have probably walked around huge shopping malls or airports with glass roofs. They do look fascinating. Luckily, owners of houses can implement the dream of having a glass roof in reality.

GSL company implements projects that make house and flats owners happy. We are happy to make your dreams come true and help you to make your biggest dream of living in a perfect house come true. If you would like a glass roof in your house, so you can enjoy sunlight, clouds, start, rainfall and show flakes landing on the roof of your bedroom or kitchen, then we are ready to implement such a project for you.

Glass can be easily introduced to a brick house. Glass goes well with most materials. We found that a big number of our customers enjoy a combination of old and modern. With the help of an extension glass roof, an old house turns into a piece of art. Houses with glass elements always draw attention: they look spacious and posh.

Contemporary Glass Roof Extensions

A glass roof extension is a cozy, spacious, and lightroom that can be added to any house. This is a specially designed room that has glass walls and a glass roof. Such rooms become more and more popular since the benefits of getting natural light and saving money on electricity bills are truly admired.

We build glass roofs for extensions that perfectly suit interior and exterior designs. Glass roof extensions are good for retaining heat, so they help house owners to save a lot of money on electricity in winter. You won’t need to use radiators or air conditioners to heat up your house. Top-quality glass won’t let it escape. They are also visually pleasing and less prone to damage.

You can see an example of a glass roof extension on our website. We have successfully completed a big number of projects are proud of them. You may like the projects that we did and want us to do a similar roof design as on a picture. However, we can create a unique roof that will perfectly match your criteria.

Glass Roof For Bedroom, Kitchen or Conservatory

Glass roof kitchen extension is incredibly popular. Construction of a kitchen with glass walls and a glass roof allows having a kitchen of your dream. Even if your kitchen is small, glass can make a huge difference. Glass roof kitchen is a perfect solution for house owners who dream of having full of light kitchen with a view of the garden.

Glass roofs are often used in bedrooms since they add coziness. If you are someone who enjoys nature and looking at the sky full of stars, a glass roof constructed in your bedroom is a fantastic idea. You will also enjoy when it’s raining or snowing. Having such a roof will make you enjoy spending time at home. You will be connected with nature through glass panes.

You have probably seen images of houses with glass conservatories. They don’t just look pretty but allow their owners to relax there. Modern conservatories with a glass pitched roof will allow you to enjoy the sun and nature even when it’s cold outside.

Excellent Quality For Comfort

GSL Company uses exceptionally high-quality glass to construct durable and safe walls, roofs, and extensions. When constructing a glass roof with an extension, we make sure that it complies with the full set of rules and is considered a Permitted Development. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a company that has a big experience and follows all the requirements for safe construction.

You may wonder what the cost of a glass roof. The price depends on the type of glass you would like us to use, as well as the size. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the best design of a glass roof for your house to make it look pretty and be safe.

An extension with a glass roof is very easy to look after. The frames and glass panes can be washed with glass cleaning liquids and warm water. You will need to use a ladder and a telescopic brush. What’s good about cleaning the glass roof is that it gets dry really quickly. However, you can always ask for professional help. Entrusting the process if cleaning glass roofs is safer for older people especially.

The benefits of having a glass roof extension are the following:

  • it will unlikely crack
  • have greasy spots
  • or will look old ever

If you choose a high-quality glass with all the right properties, it will last you forever.

What Type of Glass Does GSL Company Use?

We use toughened double-glazed glass for safety reasons. To be energy efficient and keep your electricity bills low, we use glazing with the best glass u-values. Heat reflective glass or Energy Efficient Glass reduces the amount of heat loss from rooms in the house: conservatories, kitchens, bedrooms or other rooms where owners of houses prefer to have a glass roof.


Glass roofs for extensions are contemporary solutions to add natural light and expand the space in your house. Even though glass costs higher than other materials it’s so much easier to look after it, clean it and enjoy it. Glass will never come out of trend. This is the best material for making your home light and spacious. Glass will add value to your property if you decide to sell it one day.

With a pitched glass roof extension, it’s so easy to create space that you have always been dreaming about. You will be able to enjoy nature and natural light regardless of the season. Being closer to nature will lift your mood and keep depression away. So apart from a beauty aspect, glass walls help to improve mental health. Now you know what the benefits of having a pitched glass roof extension and dreaming of owning one.