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Why choose our balustrades?

If you are looking for a modern and unique solution to decorate your house and improve its interior and exterior design at the same time, then glass balustrades are the best designing idea. They improve the look of the house internally or externally, allow natural light to come through large glass panels and create a clear yet secure barrier. Such balustrades will allow you to wrap your house with transparent or back painted glass panels and make your house distinguish from others.
Glass Structures Limited offers stylish and economical custom balustrades with stainless steel parts. We guarantee the best price, top-quality, and safety. We are ready to provide our customers with various ideas to match your requirements and help you to decorate your houses with nice glass elements.
Apart from manufacturing, cutting and installing glass balustrades, we also provide railing in different colors to match your interior or exterior design. Every time we start working on the project, we make sure that our construction is 100% safe or strong enough to comply with building regulations. We guarantee the strength of the glass structure. We constantly test the safety of our products at our own laboratory to provide our customers with absolutely safe and satisfying products. We own multiple certifications and carry responsibility for the products that we deliver and the work that we implement.


Balustrades in Your Apartment

Glass balustrades turn traditional and conservative houses into very modern buildings. Such a solution will not only improve the look of your apartment or house but make it look wider. Take a look at this project and images. Here staircase glass balustrades not only complement the modern style of the house but create an illusion of a bigger and brighter house. You will be able to enjoy the sun or rain, daylight and lights in the evening with such balustrades. Depending on your taste, we provide flat and structural glass ensuring that a strong base can resist the bending moments and loads that are imposed on it.


Designer Look for Your House

To complete this project, we used a frameless glass balustrades system or use glass panels with a frame according to our customers’ requirements. Such lass panels will give your house a designer look at an affordable price. We use thick and safe glass and install it in the way to guarantee safety for your family members.


Exceptional Glass Balustrade

This is another stunning project that we have worked on in Kent and helped our customers to enjoy a new look of their house from inside and outside. We used toughened glass balustrades for stairs connected with bespoke stainless steel post and channels. These balustrades are visually appealing and provide safety for the kids and adults. The simple yet stylish design of glass and steel made the room look more cozy and modern.


Various other projects

Review pictures of other projects that we completed using our safe and durable glass. You can see how balustrades made of thick glass can be incorporated in different styles of apartments and houses. We take into consideration the type of the building, the materials, the exterior and interior design of our customers’ homes to suggest matching ideas. We listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and develop unique designs of indoor and outdoor balustrades to create a wow effect of the property without changing its look completely.
Glass balustrades are especially popular for the houses along the seaside. Clear and transparent balustrades made of thick glass allow the owners of vacation houses to enjoy a lovely view of the sea and horizon even when lying on sun beds. We provide various shapes and sizes of glass panels to create a sided or curved balustrades on balconies.
Even though glass needs more care than bricks or concrete, it will give your house a stunning look and will increase the value of your house if you want to sell it one day. If you have a garden, a swimming pool or a playground for children right outside your house, glass balustrades will allow you to enjoy the view and watch your kids without having any obstacles.
The installing of glass balustrades requires no maintenance, it’s really easy and doesn’t take a long time when dealing with professionals, there are no glass clamps and corners required. We provide a curved option as well if you want to make your balcony or terrace look unique. A combination of reasonable prices, quick installation and safety guarantee, you can start enjoying the new look of your house very soon. Let us offer you some contemporary glass balustrades ideas, show you pictures and discuss details that you would like us to add to make the whole construction look just how you have always been wanting to have it.


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