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Why choose our Glass Doors?

Glass doors have gained great popularity among owners of residential and commercial buildings. Glass is a modern material that is widely used for decorating the interior and exterior designs of buildings. Using glass in the interior design allows to expand space. Glass walls, roofs, balustrades, and doors let light flow around the house without a need of using much electricity. When the glass is used for the exterior design of the building, it is able to turn the old building into contemporary and attractive buildings.


Modern glass doors get installed almost everywhere in houses and flats. Doors that are made of glass provide communication between rooms and allow to see the whole house as one instead of separated rooms by concrete walls and wooden doors. Contemporary house designs often include glass shower screens that optimize space and enhance bathroom designs. Glass adds a nice touch to the shower and WC area. Toilet area made of tiles looks clean and tidy when combined with glass.

Also, frameless glass doors often separate garden and a kitchen, a living room and an office room in houses. Sliding patio doors have become very popular allowing the owners of houses to enjoy nature even during cold weather. GlassStructuresLimited has been creating frameless glass constructions for years in the UK and countrywide. Why do we think that glass is the best material? Here you can see some of the benefits of using glass systems in your house:

  • get as much daylight as possible
  • glass can be painted
  • energy-efficient features
  • resistance against humidity and moisture

Glass doors are more expensive than wooden ones but they are much easier in maintenance. They don't change size when the temperature changes and they are also not affected by moisture. Wooden doors often get mouldy but you will never have such an issue with a glass door.


Glass Doors Inside Your House

Here you can view some of the ideas we have for you:

  • painted glass doors
  • framed glass doors
  • sliding/patio doors
  • frameless glass doors that separate kitchen and living room
  • glass partitions between the living room and office
  • entrance glass doors

Learn more about the types of the door we offer by contacting our competent managers. We are willing to provide you with multiple configurations to match your imagination. Our experienced designers will help you to choose the best door that will suit the interior style of your house. Actually, back painted glass doors are also very popular and widely used in different rooms of modern houses. If you still want a door to create privacy but you like glass, we can offer you to order a back painted glass door. It will create a lovely uninterrupted design of the house which is sometimes spoiled by black or brown doors.


Contact GlassStructuresLimited managers and find glass doors prices. We use only top-quality glass that we cut to the needed sizes. Depending on the thickness of glass the price can change. Also, the cost of the project depends on whether you want us to deliver coloured glass, use frames and what kind of lock you want to have in the door. Our competent managers will be happy to answer these and other questions to help you choose the best door for the rooms in your house.



GlassStructuresLimited has a huge experience at cooperating with some of the world-famous brands. We strive to deliver the best materials and implement every project with an individual approach to leave our clients happy and satisfied. We will help you to turn your house into a place where you can fully relax. We have great solutions to decorate your house, optimize its space and make it more functional. You will enjoy every inch of your house with us. Let professionals of our company provide you with some amazing ideas and show your pictures of our completed projects, so you know our deliverables.


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