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Glass Extensions

Why choose our extensions?

Often our clients want to maintain their traditional buildings but also have something contemporary and practical and that is why they choose glass structures.

At Glass Structures Limited we manufacture and install using the latest in Low-E glasses giving an all year round living space. Using the latest in glass technology, our expert team of construction specialists can provide double and triple glazed products to ensure your extension remains warm in the winter and cool during the hotter months. This creates the perfect living space for you to enjoy all year round.

The team from Glass Structures Limited have probably more hands-on experience than any other group of glass professionals. From the early days of structural glazing in the 1980’s we have been at the forefront of this fast moving construction material. By coming together, we control the design, specification, engineering, manufacture and installation.

We make glass extensions to listed buildings too and they work perfectly with them as these extensions do not block the beautiful architecture of the original building because you can still see the building through the glass.


Frameless Glass Extension for your listed cottage

This wonderful family wanted to be able to sit in their new bespoke Frameless Glass Room being in the garden whilst still indoors. In fact, you might say, a Room Outside!  It can be designed to look like the glass just rises out of the ground, and projects out of your wall forming a complete room made just from the glass.
Our clients originally wanted a standard aluminium conservatory. However, when their planning permission was rejected a frameless glass extension really opened up their imagination.
Most listed properties turn to a frameless glass extension as it allows the natural beauty of the house to still be seen.


Rooftop Glass Extension

A beautiful rooftop in London which allows the owners to enjoy the starry night inside their warm house. During the daytime, this extension brings more natural light to the inside of the house making it feel cosier.


Garden Glass Extension

This glass extension in Lower Lye is an example of the perfect terrace in your garden. Such building allows you to enjoy the nature even if it is cold outside. The same applies to warm summer evenings, just open the doors and let nature in.


Glass Extension For Your Garden

A great example of how we can help you bring more light into your house.


Glass Extension at ST Quintin

When we first visited the site, our clients had planned for a glass box with a steel structure, however, after extensive design meetings, we finally provided a glazed frameless system which included our frameless double glazed sliding doors. Internally we provided insulation to the minimum perimeter channels/angles allowing all the glass to be structurally boned together all in one day to produce this stunning frameless glass box


Notting Hill

This elegant Frameless Glass Extension not only completely converted this home but gave it completely different feel as the vast amounts of natural light that are let into the building gives positive mental outlook giving our clients a perfect all year round living space.


Glass Extension for a New Presenter

This stunning project in Wales Left our client with tears of happiness when we completed the job, this project enabled our client to not only give value to her property linking her house to her extension, it allowed her to work from home as she was a news presenter, giving her immense views over a beautiful lake behind.


Beach Road

A frameless glass extension can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time, whilst being good for your mental outlook as well.


Glass Extension at Carver Road

This is an example of a house in Glasgow. It is a beautiful extension of the room with glass roofing. Such roof brings more light into the house while making it look more spacious.


Various other projects

We also did these projects. They are examples of how glass extensions incorporate with different styles and types of houses. Every project we do is different because we make it the way you want it and the way that looks the best with your building.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.


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