Frameless glass
link solutions
by GSL

Glass Links

Why choose our glass links?

A glass link can provide the best possible link between two buildings and is particularly appropriate to link an old building to a new extension, providing an indirect interface between buildings of different ages or built in different styles. Glass links not only connect buildings but they can also be turned into habitable spaces.

Glass Structures Limited team has a lot experience mixing traditional and contemporary design. We create an almost entirely transparent glass box to connect the buildings together.


Glass Link

This glass link in Surrey Hills connects several buildings together. The structure lets you get from one building to another without having to go outside.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.


Somerset square

This project in Somerset Square makes use of a structural glass link not only to connect two parts on a building It completely opens up a the living area with a fully bespoke, double-glazed frameless glass roof comprising of two sides that bring joints to a minimal to bring the outside in.


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