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Why choose our glass links?

A glass link is not only a great functional idea for your house but a nice detail that will make your house look modern and unique. Glass panels installed in a certain way provide a modern and functional link between two buildings. For example, we can link your house with the house for your guests, or create a link between an old building and a new extension. Glass links add a nice touch making your house look attractive from the outside. A link will also help you to move comfortably from one part of your house to another in rainy weather or in winter.

Glass links also create livable spaces. By linking two building you can add space and use it for your needs. Installation of durable glass panels, a glass roof, and street glass floors will create an additional room which you can equip with furniture. Such glass boxes can be used for gym or patio which you will be able to use regardless of the weather conditions.

GlassStructuresLimited company has a big experience in manufacturing and installing glass and improving the interior and exterior design of our customers’ homes. Our team of creative and professional glaziers are willing to provide you the best solutions to mix old-style and contemporary design.


Glass Link

View photos of glass links between buildings project that we have already completed for our customers. Glass link can connect not only two buildings but several. Depending on your idea, requirements, and budget, we are ready to come up with the best solution possible to meet your expectations. Here we provide photos of our successfully completed project in Surrey Hills.

Depending on your taste and preferences, we can install structural or frameless glass links. Such a smart and modern solution will not only add space and let you use the space up to your needs, but it will also make your house look bigger and brighter thanks to transparent panels.


Somerset square

This is another project that we completed in Somerset Square and are proud of. Here we used a structural glass parts to link two parts of a building. It completely opened up the living area and added natural light. We used a double-glazed frameless glass roof to make the link look minimalist yet stylish.



Minimal, Frameless Glass Links


If you own a contemporary build but want to extend it, such glass links are perfect. Instead of building brick of concrete walls, we suggest using durable and safe glass panels as a design feature but also as a space that you can use as a separate room. We implement glass links using single glazing as well as double or triple glazing for a better thermal effect.


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