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Why Choose Our Glass Porches?

Glass porches have already become favorite parts of the building for house owners. Building a glass construction similar to a small room around the entrance door will create a welcoming look of your house. Modern glass porches can turn any old building into a contemporary house and make it look charming. If you have been thinking of building some sort of room in front of the entrance of your house, we can recommend using glass.


A stylish porch that is made of a modern glass roof and glass walls is solid and secure. GlassStructuresLimited can offer you a wide choice of ideas for a porch to create a warm and welcoming entrance to your house. Glass enclosures for porches constructions don't only decorate residential buildings from outside but help to keep your house warmer. During a winter season, you try to keep your house warm and cozy but frequent entrance door opening lets heat escape and cold air to come inside your house. If you have a big family, then you know how annoying it is to hear a door opening and closing many times a day feeling cold wind flowing inside the house.


We use durable and thick glass with energy-efficient qualities to build glass porches for houses. This is one of the main reasons to choose our company and order glass constructions that are created to last for ages. Other benefits of cooperating with us are:

  • on-time completed projects
  • lower prices
  • exceptionally high-quality materials
  • professional technicians
  • friendly customer support team

We find solutions to meet our customers' visual requirements and their budget. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to keep your house warm in winter and make it look more attractive from outside we have some amazing ideas to offer you.


Glass Porches Inside Your House

Don't know what kind of a glass porch will suit your house? Creative designers of GlassStructuresLimited can help you with selecting the style and size of porch. Depending on the material of your house, its style, and your needs, we will be happy to create a secure and well-functioning porch. View the list of some ideas that we can offer you to build a welcoming entrance for your house:

  • frameless statement outside of the building
  • aluminiumframe glass porch
  • glass roof porches
  • structural glass porch with frameless glass door
  • single or double glazed porch

We will help you to create a porch without intrusive metalwork by using glass beams. However, if you like frames, we will help you to choose the material of frames that perfectly suit the exterior design of your house. We also use colored glass and decorative glass finishes including patters to make glass constructions look unique.


Apart from building glass porches, we offer stylish ideas for shop fronts, doors, and windows. We can make your shop look attractive and help you to bring more customers. A nice shop front is the eyes of your show. By building a wall from large glass panels, your shop will stand out. This is a perfect idea for a new shop or a shop that needs renewal.



GlassStructuresLimited creates bespoke glass enclosed porches using high-quality glass in the UK. Depending on your preferences, we can create frameless constructions as well as constructions that are built from the glass with solid frames. You can choose frameless or aluminum framed to add a nice touch to a grass construction.


We can help you to improve your house visually. Modern glass constructions are able to change the look of old buildings. Contemporary ideas combined with old and historic projects look very attractive. Contact GlassStructuresLimited today and find the prices for building contemporary glass porches. Our managers will tell you more about the type of glass we use, how long a project can take and what our guarantees are.


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