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Glass Roofs

Why choose our glass roofs?

Glass roofs are really useful in internal rooms where external windows are far away or too small to bring enough light. Glass roofs might also be helpful if side windows are restricted due to neighbouring properties.

At Glass Structures Limited we create an all year round living space. Using the latest in glass technology, our expert team of construction specialists can provide double and triple glazed products to ensure your extension remains warm in the winter and cool during the hotter months. We can also offer glass with special features for example self-cleaning or sun protection.


Glass Roof for Your Kitchen

Glass roofing in the kitchen is a great way to bring natural lighting into your home. This example shows you how modern your kitchen could look like if you decide to add glass roof.


Glass Roof for Your House

This is an example of a house in Glasgow. It is a beautiful extension of the room with glass roofing. Such roof brings more light into the house while making it look more spacious.


Glass Roof for Your Offices

This structural Glass Roof on New Cavendish Street, expertly designed and installed to allowing light into a highly respected law firm within London comprising of safety glass incorporating a high performance coating denying the cold in and the warmth out.


Glass Roof for your Swimming Pool

Structural, Frameless, Glass roof letting light into this beautiful room whilst bringing the outside in allowing the room to feel open.


Glass Roof at Redfield Lane

This Stunning project on Redfield Lane completely transformed our clients home by turning a dull dark room into a room that looks like it came right out of an interior design magazine.


Various other projects

Here are some other glass roof projects that we created. Glass roofs are an excellent choice when there are not much space for windows, for example in basements or other buildings that are underground or semi-underground.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.


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