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Why choose our structural glass screens?

If you love nature and enjoy to be surrounded by trees, flowers, if you like to see the sky and watch the rain, then you may like the idea of having glass rooms in your house. Over the last few years, glass garden rooms have become very popular. Instead of just enjoying your garden with blossom flowers through windows, you can have a whole room made of glass. It will give you the feeling of being outdoor but having a secure shelter.

Contemporary glass extensions with glass walls and roof don't only allow sunlight to travel around your house saving you from keeping light on but add space to your house. You can see pictures of glass rooms on the patio and agree that they look very pretty. Such glass constructions make a conservative building look modern and stylish. A nice glass room can be combined with bi-folding, sliding patio or pivot doors will make your house look amazing from inside and outside.


GlassStructuresLimited uses exceptionally high-quality glass that is thick enough to provide energy-efficient qualities. We use fabricated glass for sale that is 100% durable and safe. We have plenty of ideas to offer to our customers and help them turn their old houses into stylish houses in the UK. Our designers will help you to choose the type of glass and the design of the doors. A door that is easy to open or slide will help you to let the air and the scent of flowers from your garden come inside your house. Sitting on such a garden room is a dream of every house owner, so we can help you to make your dream come true.


Glass Rooms Inside Your House

Are you looking for beautiful glass rooms ideas? We are ready to offer you so unique and popular ideas for your house. Check the list of ideas for your house and flat.

  • glass bathrooms in bedrooms
  • glass kitchens
  • glass conservatories
  • glass conference rooms
  • glass offices
  • outdoor glass patio rooms

These are only some of the ideas that we can offer you. Depending on your preferences, requirements, and budget, the experienced and creative designers of GlassStructuresLimited company will offer you suitable ideas to decorate your house and make the space more functional.

Four seasons glass rooms will allow you to enjoy any weather even heavy rain and snowfall. Secure glass panels will protect your house from cold air and furniture from leaks. Having glass walls and roofs is a perfect idea for those people who enjoy spending time at home but love nature. For example, glass sun rooms are often built over swimming pools which allows the owners of houses to enjoy swimming in winter. We also make flawless glass balustrades engineered to fit your needs. We create various shapes, sizes, and colors to match different needs. Thanks to creative minds, you can enjoy lovely nature, sun rays and a night sky full of stars just through the glass.



Get to enjoy cold winter and rainy autumn seasons in modern glass rooms that GlassStructuresLimited can build for you. Depending on your style preferences, we can offer you frameless glass rooms as well as glass with frames made of aluminum. You can have a glass conference or office room in your house instead of being surrounded by painted concrete walls.

Get in touch with us today to find glass rooms prices. The prices depend on the complexity of the project. Our customer support managers will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on the glass that we use and how long a project can take us to complete. Enjoy all four seasons watching how the weather changes without being affected by temperature changes. We use special double glass units that saves warm temperature inside the house in the cold season and doesn't allow the sun to heat up your house too much in the warm season. We work countrywide changing the interior and exterior designs of residential and commercial buildings using beautiful glass constructions.


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