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Glass Staircases

Why choose our glass staircases?

As far as visual statements go there can be nothing more expressive than a signature glass staircase.
Whether constructed entirely from glass or a hybrid of glass and steel/timber, the transparency and minimalism of our designs create the illusion of levitation and can transform the mundane act of ascending the stairs into a few moments of sensory pleasure.
When complimented by frameless glass balustrade and glass treads, the natural light within your room appears to pass straight through and creates a sensation of enhanced space without obstruction.
The principal support for your staircase is critical to the overall aesthetics and with so many different styles available it may be a difficult decision to make, some of the options you may wish to consider are:

-Traditional parallel stringers with treads fixed between;

-Central spine beam with treads that cantilever either side;

-Floating treads that emerge from a wall without any visible support.;

-All glass construction where treads are bolted between large panes of glass;


-Triple laminated glass stringers with the outer skin of glass cut out to take the glass treads and risers making whole structure frameless making it visually astonishing. Click here for more information.


Wonderful Spiral Staircase

This glass staircase located in the house in Leeds are an extraordinary piece of interior. The glass makes the stairs look really light, sleek and modern.


Theydon park staircase

Our latest stunning glass staircase incorporated with a cooled wine room. beautiful and stylish, the staircase is made of pure glass frame and has glass steps to make it unique and glamorous. The glass stringers are to add the distinct look in the overall aesthetics of the staircase and the house. The glass staircase with lateral stringers is perfect for the home.

Triple laminated glass stringers with the outer skin of glass cut out to take the glass treads and risers making whole structure frameless making it visually astonishing

We Back Painted the Glass stringers/walls which each weighed over 300kg hiding services that were behind to chill the room.

The beautiful and elegant look of the glass staircase is sure to add a lot of glamour to the aesthetics of your house Click here to turn your vision into reality


Various other glass staircases

These are examples of more traditional and simple design of glass staircases. They show how a very traditional design can look very modern at the same time if you choose a different material in this case – glass. Our glass steps are safe as they are covered in protectant layers that make them anti-slippery.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.


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