Glass Staircases

Why choose our glass staircases?

No other element rather than a signature glass staircase can make your house look posh and unique. Glass details will make your house look modern, bright and richer. We offer fantastic constructions that are made entirely from glass or a combination of materials.

Frameless glass balustrades and glass treads allow the natural light to travel through your rooms visually adding space and making it look tidier. Glass staircases enhance space without obstruction. Our solid, durable, safe and contemporary glass staircases are meant to be used every single day as often as you need, so you shouldn’t worry about your safety with our products.

We are willing to provide you with diverse styles to match your taste and aesthetics. Here are some of the popular bespoke glass staircases that we manufacture and install for your customers around the country:

  • Parallel stringers with treads fixed between
  • Floating glass staircases without a visible support
  • Pure construction with large glass panes
  • Frameless triple laminated glass

These are only some of the ideas that can compliment your house and change its whole look and value.


-Triple laminated glass stringers with the outer skin of glass cut out to take the glass treads and risers making whole structure frameless making it visually astonishing. Click here for more information.


Wonderful Spiral Staircase

This is the project that we have recently completed for the house located in Leeds. The glass staircase that we have manufactures and installed became an exceptional piece of interior design. The glass added a stylish touch to the house and allowed the natural light to travel through the staircase.


Theydon park staircase

One of our latest glass staircase projects that we take pride in made our customer’s house look beautiful and stylish. The staircase that we have manufactured was made of glass frame and had glass steps which added a glamorous touch. The glass and lateral stringers created an individual look of the house and increased its value.

We used triple laminated glass stringers to provide our customers with a beautiful frameless stricture that visually enchanted the space. We also used light-colored back painted glass stringers and walls to make the other room private and not transparent. Glass staircases and walls made this house look absolutely elegant.

The beautiful and elegant look of the glass staircase is sure to add a lot of glamour to the aesthetics of your house Click here to turn your vision into reality


Various other glass staircases

You can also view images of other more traditional projects if you prefer a conservative style. There are simple ideas that can also decorate your house and make it look fresher. Even traditional style can make your house look stylish and make you enjoy your new interior design. We use thick and safe glass to make the staircase not only look attractive but be functions and secure. Our steps are 100% safe as they are covered in several protection layers for a guaranteed anti-slippery effect.

It’s that simple to give your house or individual rooms some extra light and space at the same time by implementing one of the popular ideas or totally unique solutions that we are willing to create for you.


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