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Why Choose Our Glass Walls?

A structural glass wall can become a good decoration of your house, flat or office. Glass has become one of the main materials in interior designs because it expands space and makes old buildings look like new. Glass walls in flats, houses and offices have gained big popularity. They are practical and very attractive. The glass allows making rooms look more spacious. There are more and more offices with glass wall panels. Such offices look much more modern and attractive than those that still have white concrete walls.


Glass partition walls for home and offices look amazing. They make rooms look bigger, they create an elegant style and they allow sunlight to travel around your house. Installing glass partitions in your house or flat can be a great idea to save on the electric bill. Have you thought of it? Style is not the only reason why the house, flats, and commercial buildings owners choose glass wall systems.

Modern glass rooms allow to save a lot of money on electricity plus they tend to make people happier since a clearly visible scenery outside glass panels don't bore those who spend time inside. Sunlight delivers vitamin D and lifts up the mood. As you can see installing an external glass wall or internal glass walls have quite a few advantages.


We are proud to deliver high-quality glass panels for walls that create durable and safe constructions. There is no certain cost of external or interior glass walls since each project is individual. We take into consideration our customers requirements, the size of the wall, the thickness of glass and the design. We approach every single project with care and love because we want to leave our clients happy and satisfied.


Glass Walls Inside Your House

GlassStruturesLimited company has prepared a list of interesting and effective ideas that can help to plan and make domestic space comfortable and beautiful. Together with our professional and creative glaziers, we came up with some great solutions to help you make your space look attractive. Check the list of our ideas and choose one to implement in your house:

  • Frameless glass bathroom
  • Glass partition for home office
  • Kitchen with an external glass wall
  • Conservatory glass walls and roof with a wooden frame
  • Structural glass wall with a garden/sea view

Using glass panels will allow you to turn your old house into a contemporary building that will stand out. Apart from using a glass panel for walls, there are plenty of unique glass roof ideas that can be implemented in your house. It's energy-efficient. Also, glass roofs have proved to be better at keeping the noise down, so this is another idea that you can consider together with making nice and stylish transparent walls in your house. Glass can completely change the look of your house from outside and inside. Also, using glass in your interior or exterior design will help you to increase the value of your property if you decide to rent it out or sell it.



If you want to change your house/flat style, GlassStructuresLimited company is willing to provide you with some beautiful glass partition walls domestic ideas. Get experts to choose the best glass wall for home or office on a budget in the UK. We deliver the top-quality glass that is safe and durable. We have plenty of unique design ideas that are also practical. Our designers will help you to choose a design and install external or internal glass walls that will improve the look and functionality of your residential or commercial building. We have an endless number of glass elements styles in various shapes and sizes to provide numerous opportunities for decoration.


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