strict and modern?
Or maybe something
classical and unique?
We will undertake
any glass project.

Other Glass Projects

Why choose our glass projects?

Thinking about how to improve your property? Wishing so something unusual or creative? Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.


Glass Installation "Serpentine"

A unique project we made for an exhibition in London.


Andalus road

This Project at Andalus Road involves a Structural glass roof, Bi-folding doors, Aluminium windows and a Jueliet Balconey Balustrade leaving our customer extremely happy.


Sliding Glass Doors

Here are other glass projects that we made. These show you that Glass Structures Limited can make anything you want to be made to your house.

These are sliding glass doors. They are great to create separate spaces in your house when needed.


Various other projects


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