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The team from Glass Structures have probably more hands-on experience than any other group of glass professionals. From the early days of structural glazing in the 1980’s they have been at the forefront of this fast moving construction material. By coming together, they control the design, specification, engineering, manufacture and installation. For those wishing for a one stop shop, from concept to completion Glass Structures is your best choice.

Frameless structural glazing was conceived originally to meet the design needs of modern architecture and has been client driven since to satisfy the ever increasing and exacting demands of architects and in turn building regulations. Every Glass Structure is engineered to comply with or exceed Part L (conservation of fuel and power) and Part N (materials and protection) building regulation requirements. All glass panels are manufactured to BS 6206 part A.

Often, the experience of Glass Structures is called upon by other major glazing companies to assist them with specification and installations.

Whilst some dream Glass Structures” make it happen”.


Glass Structures specialise in the design and construction of “pure glass” rooms, structures and extensions. Because of the clean lines, contemporary feel and transparent nature of the designs they can be styled to fit and sit comfortably with every type of home and building, ranging from a mid-terrace Victorian cottage to a modern mansion.

Glass Structures have a combined experience of over 100 years in the glazing and structural bonding industry through working closely with Europe’s leading glass and structural mastic manufacturers.

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