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Why choose our shop fronts?

Frameless glass shop fronts are an ideal solution for window displays. Visually they look modern and contemporary and in today’s marketplace it is a must have feature. It will attract window-shoppers, and entice potential customers inside your shop. We use laminated safety glass, which holds together when shattered in the event of breaking.

When you decide to add a glass front to your business you get many benefits. It opens the front of your shop and while being simple and pleasant for the eyes glass fronts bring more customers in.

What you are selling in your shop will engage customers if the products are able to easily be seen. In addition, if your business is closed for the day, people walking by are able to see what you have to offer and therefore may decide to return during normal business hours. A glass shopfront really provides an opportunity for extending marketing 24/7.


All Saints Shop Front

Our team at Glass Structures Limited can create beautiful shop fronts for your business. This is a stunning example of All Saints shop front in Manchester. Glass front lets the shop to decorate the facade of the shop the way they want and that way attract more customers.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your business, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.

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