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For The Glass Shower

Safety Glass is the best product to cover the walls in your bathroom. Glass doesn’t only look stylish and visually expands the room but it’s the safest material, even safer than tiles. It’s often used as shower walls or behind the bath. Glass shower door and walls are impermeable to water, can be easily washed from stains and you can choose any color to match your taste or your bathroom design.

Glass shower screens for wet rooms are simply amazing if you want to never worry about mold and cracks. Unlike tiles that have grout lines and often become dirty and moldy, the glass will remain clean and there will be no gaps where water and mold can stay creating a dirty look and causing an unpleasant smell. We have already helped a big number of house and apartments owners simplifying the process of taking care of their bathrooms. Most importantly, now our customers can enjoy the sleek and modern design of their showers.

Glass Shower Screens

Bath shower screens made of glass can easily replace shower curtains that get moldy and wet. We offer a wide range of frameless and semi-frameless shower screens to match your visual preferences and help you to keep your bathrooms cleaner and fresher. There are also sliding glass shower screens ideas if you prefer sliding panels instead of a regular glass door. Apart from being practical, glass shower screens will make your bathroom look wides not creating any obstacles, unlike shower curtains.

Glass Structures Limited company is willing to provide you with some attractive, practical yet affordable ideas on how to make your shower look cleaner and modern. Our team of professional managers and glaziers are ready to meet your needs considering the size and shape of your shower.


Cromer Road Glass Showers

Take a look at the pictures above to see how a shower in your bathroom can look like. This project involved a frameless shower screen from floor to ceiling. To make the shower glass panel look elegant, we incorporated it with back painted glass lined on the walls. Such a shower gives the feeling of freedom and space not blocking your view and cutting out a large space in the room. A frameless finish looks absolutely stunning making the bathroom look much bigger.


Various other projects

You are welcome to view the images of other shower screens for baths projects that we are proud of. See the examples of glass screens for showers of different shapes and sizes. Glass will make your bathroom look brighter, bigger and more modern without changing the interior design.
Contact us today to order bespoke glass shower screens and let our professionals help you choose the best solution to make you enjoy your wow bathroom. After discussing your preferences, we will do out best to manufacture, cut and shape the glass to install it in your bathroom and help you enjoy your new glass shower enclosure that you have always wanted to have.


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