Sctructural bonding

Specialist in Structural Bonding and Glazing

GSL have a combined experience of over 100 years in the sealant & glazing industry.
Our applicators are fully experienced in all types of structural bonding, working closely with major sealant manufactures.
We always make sure that the product we apply is specific for the task at hand.


Structural Bonding

Structural silicone glazing (SSG) is the use of specific silicones to bond glass and metal panels to the structure, via a metallic subframe, without mechanical fixation. An SSG system can be designed to withstand live loads, wind loads, (line loads and in some circumstances dead loads) circumstances dead loads) (weight of panels and imposed loadings). Current systems in use include 4 sided and 2 sided. Please note that the insulated glass units also require being silicone sealed. Silicone-bonded system provides unsurpassed weather ability and UV resistance. Silicone has excellent levels of adhesion, movement capability and wide service temperature (from - 40°c to + 150°c). The silicone itself is able to resist wind load, dead load and thermal dilation. SSG offers almost unlimited design versatility and has transformed the skyline of the cities across the world in the last two decades. Architects and clients are always looking for larger expanses of glass with limited framing, structural bonding stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel & steel angles of glass panels give a seamless look from outside with the fixing to the main structure being carried out from the inside.

Silicone Pointing

Silicone sealants improve air and weather tightness of a structure and also support the panels and increase the rigidity of the facade. The silicone provides a flexible rubber anchorage tat absorbs movements between materials from thermal or even seismic loading. Pgsl Mastics use Dow Corning 993 structural silicone glazed sealant almost exclusively. Dow Corning 993 is a two part, high performance, neutral curing silicone sealant designed specifically for the structural bonding of glass, metal, and other building components. It is also used to adhere stiffening elements to building panels and for other adhesives applications. The sealant offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including enamelled and reflective glass, anodised and coated aluminium and stainless steel profiles. It also exhibits excellent weathering characteristics and high resistance to UV radiation, heat and humidity as well as good resistance to fire. Dow Corning 993 also has superior static load capability, which enables a smaller joint, and had been tested for bomb blast and safety glazing.

Specialist Glazing

We can move forward on your requirements by email, phone call or in person we will happily meet your requirements.
We offer everything from: Design, survey, drawings, product manufacture and project management right through to the final installation.
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We offer mobile & in-house Structural Bonding of Down Corning 993 in 3 colours, Black Gray & White.
We have earned the reputation as one the leading structural mastic companies in the UK.


Addictional Services

  • Manufacture our own structural double glazed units to EN standards in our fully equipped glass and steel factory.
  • Manufacture all laminated glass beams.
  • Have fully trained operatives operating our mobile structural bonding machines (for site applications).
  • Fabricate all types of metalwork including aluminium/steel.
  • Have first class installation teams, (all images have been fitted by our staff, if you would like further information on a particular image please email us with your enquiry).
  • You are welcome to come and visit our offices and steel & glass factory if desired.

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We are working closely with the renown company's Dow Corning products, to bring our Clients the best possible products available on the market.