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Walk on Glass Floors

Why choose our walk on glass floors?

Where light or vision is required to pass between two layers of a building we can design and install horizontal structural glass to create frameless structural glass floors. These highly durable walk on glass surfaces are manufactured using the highest specifications of glazing to ensure a light and clear glass surface.

Glass Structures Limited team of experts calculate the strength of glazing required to take regular foot traffic for complete safety and watertight integrity and also to meet the necessary building codes for residential, commercial or public buildings.


Rooftop Terrace

This rooftop terrace has several glass structures and one of them are the walk on glass floors. They work as glass roof inside the building and you can easily walk on it without fear. That way you can use up your roof space to its maximum capability.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.


Christchurch street floors


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