Why Choose Us

  • We offer a free no obligation consultation service to discuss your ideas for enhancing your home and the feasibility and designs available to you.
  • We can produce a 3D computer image for you to review.
  • If the space you envisage requires a bespoke design, if you require larger glass vision panels or want something totally unique, contact our design team to help you visualise and design your glass structure. Whatever the shape of the area that you would like to utilise with a glass structure, our design team will work with you to create a beautiful and practical solution.
  • Following our initial visit, a bespoke design incorporating your ideas will be created for you to review. This will save your time having further site visits while the design is honed to your satisfaction, and so ultimately reducing the waiting time for your glass structure.
  • Glass Structures Limited can offer either a complete design and build package which will see your project through from concept to completion, or if preferred Glass Structures will liaise and work with your own builder/architect and simply design, manufacture and install your glass structure.
  • Our double glazed units are “inert gas” filled to help comply with the very latest energy regulations. We raise the playing field; the glass used by Glass Structures Limited has the same structural specifications as that used in the commercial arena.
  • All double glazed units are manufactured to Part L, Part N and Part A of British Standard Code of Practice, giving you absolute peace of mind with respect to safety and security.
  • All our metal fittings, housings and trims, whether hidden or visible, are either powder coated aluminium or stainless steel, allowing your structure to maintain its pristine new look for years to come with the minimum of maintenance.
  • All these points combine to give you complete satisfaction and peace of mind with regard to the aesthetic appearance, structural integrity, longevity, safety and security of your glass structure.
  • At Glass Structures Limited we manufacture and install using the latest in Low-E glasses giving an all year round living space. Using the latest in glass technology, our expert team of construction specialists can provide double and triple glazed products to ensure your extension remains warm in the winter and cool during the hotter months. This creates the perfect living space for you to enjoy all year round.

The team from Glass Structures Limited have probably more hands-on experience than any other group of glass professionals. From the early days of structural glazing in the 1980’s we have been at the forefront of this fast moving construction material. By coming together, we control the design, specification, engineering, manufacture and installation.

For those wishing for a one stop shop, from concept to completion Glass Structures Limited is your best choice.

While some only dream Glass Structures Limited make it happen.


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